Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Save Your Money & Go To Jail?

Sadly, the Democrat proposed health program is suggesting that if you trust in your own health and save your money for another purpose, you will be fined. Fail to pay that fine and you will serve time in jail.

Constitutional scholars actually believe the mandate will hold up in court.

The obvious question is where does this end? What can't the government require us to buy? Maybe you are required to buy $500/year in citrus fruits to stay healthy - don't have the receipts to prove your purchases, then you are fined. Fail to pay the fine and you are jailed. Of course, the dairy lobby will get heavily involved in this as well, arguing the health benefits of milk and cheese. Lactose intolerant individuals and vegans will end up subsidizing the dairy industry.

What happens to charity under this legislation? Seriously, would you give money to Shriners hospital, who helps those who can't afford medical care? Why would you, everyone is covered and the charitable organizations die. The government gets more powerful as competition for health services diminish and the essence of American compassion shrinks.

Our very soul as a nation is being eroded. Our willingness to trade our freedoms for safety - safety from terrorists (Patriot Act), safety from an unknown future disease (Health Care) - both of which ignore the 5th amendment. But where are our courts to protect us from majority rule? What can't our gov't do anymore? And why are those who stand up for our freedoms vilified by the very people who are taking away our freedom?

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