Friday, April 27, 2012

Peace with Iran is Naive!

Most of those people have no understanding of history. It's important to understand that Ahmadinejad is NOT the leader of Iran, even though Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh make you think that is true. The Ayatollah is the true leader (period, end of story). So lets look at the history of Iran. Try to see the situation from a leadership position in Iran. Here is what you know as facts:

1) Iran hasn't attacked a sovereign nation in over 200 years
2) The U.S. started a civil war in Iran in 1952 and used the C.I.A. to oust their democratically elected President.
3) The U.S. installs a dictator and supports that dictators ruthless police state even AFTER a civil war erupts in 1978
4) 1979 The religious fanatics win the civil war and they take Americans hostage (none killed) for fear of U.S. retaliation.
5) 1979 U.S. refuses to recognize new gov't
6) 1980 Hostages released and U.S. begins arming Iraq
7) 1981 Iraq invades Iran (there is no disputing who started this war)
8) U.S. continues to support Iraq until hostilities end eight years later
9) This war, supported heavily by the U.S., killed 250,000 Iranians (a hell of a lot more than Sept. 2001)
10) 1991 Iran watches as the U.S. wipes Iraqi military off the map in 5 days - they know they can't stop a U.S. ground invasion
11) Iran sees Pakistan and India break the Nuclear Non-Proliferation agreement and arm with nuclear weapons - no retaliation from the U.S. (Isreal is presumed to have secret nuclear weapons since 1980.) They begin to think about acquiring this type of weapon.
12) 2001 - Twin towers in NYC attacked. No Iranians involved. U.S. President declares Iran part of the Axis of Evil (with North Korea and Iraq).
13) 2003 - First of the declared evil empires attacked. U.S. bogged down in Iraq for years, but sets sites on North Korea.
14) 2006 - North Korea successfully detonates a nuclear weapon - U.S. completely stops thinking about invasion.
15) Iranians take their nuclear ambitions up significantly as a deterrent to 65 years of U.S. belligerence.
16) 2010 - U.S. drops Stuxnet virus onto Iranian nuclear facilites. The Pentagon has concluded that computer sabotage by another country could constitute an act of war, have we just attacked Iran?
17) 2010-2011: U.S. and Israel kill four Iranian Nuclear scientists.
18) 2012: U.S. increases sanction against Iran, threatening no oil sales (there livelihood) if they do not give up nuclear ambitions.

Iran is NOT an innocent country. They do arm militants, but they also know the U.S. arms insurgents in Central America, Afghanistan and around the world and that is not considered an act of war.

Iran DOES incarcerate and kill political prisoners.

This is not a black and white situation. The U.S. is not evil and Iran good.

Look at history and decide - if YOU were in power in Iran what would YOU do? Is it logical to attempt to acquire a nuclear weapon to thwart a belligerent U.S. superpower.

Simply put, there are two sides to this coin and the argument for peace with Iran may not be as naive once you know the facts from there point of view.

For a little levity, may I recommend this from the Onion,27325/