Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Problem with Keynesians

The problem with Keynesians is they believe there are economic methods to make bad things magically go away. That if we can just infuse trillions of dollars into an economy, then pull it out at just the right time, we can live a hedonistic Roman lifestyle with no consequences.

Keynesians, sadly try to act like free market Capitalists. They are not and could not ever be believers in FREEDOM. They are Socialists and sometimes Fascists and Communists. Some have been brainwashed to believe they are Capitalists and they will occasionally make amazingly stupid arguments like George W Bush's classic quote "I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system"

True Keynesians aren't really that stupid. Economics is complicated for most Americans, due to the sad nature of our public school systems that amazingly doesn't teach free market economics (which may be a blessing since they would teach Keynesian Socialist economics disguised as Capitalism). And with that complication, you get amazingly disinterested citizens who only care if their government is doing something - anything! No, Keynesians aren't that stupid, the plan is working perfectly - To trick enough of us so they can create a massively dependent working class that kneels at the nipples of government handouts. They are the wolf in sheeps clothing.


  1. Keynes doesn't seem to have much of an impact until after WWI. The Beast from Jekyll Island was born at Christmastime 1913. It seems to me that the giant fraudulent economy that we have know has two parents, the Fed and Keynes (and subsequent Keynesians). Care to discuss?

  2. I agree. Now a Keynesian would argue Keynes never said we should run a huge debt during good times, but I think they miss the point, that the Keynesian philosophy creates the very concept that the gov't can go into debt to help out the economy. So why not stay in debt for perpetuity?